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round 2, final voting post

Argh, I'm very sorry for the wait, everyone! August was a crazy month for me, and I totally forgot about this place. DX

Anyway, here it is, the final voting post for this round. We have two very lovely icons to choose from, so explaining your vote might be tough, but please give it your best shot. :D

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Try to have your votes in by Sunday night!
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Only one of the finalists has submitted their icon! I'm posting to remind the other two iconists to please submit their icon tonight. If you guys take too long, we're just going to have a default win.

So go here and post your Ichigo icon! :D
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round 2, week 7

And when I say "Friday," I mean "Saturday," obviously. Because I'm dumb.

Here it is, the last challenge for round two! Congratulations to the three talented iconists who have made it this far. :D I'm going to keep this last challenge simple, to see what kind of variety we get from you three.

Make a textless icon of Kurosaki Ichigo. "Textless" meaning no text whatsoever (this includes text brushes and tiny text), "Ichigo" meaning just Ichigo.

Simple as that. :D Please have your icons submitted by Friday, August 11th. Good luck, folks!
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round 2, week 6

For this week's theme, you'll be making an icon of a Kuchiki (that's Byakuya, Hisana, or Rukia) using text from the volume poem for The Broken Coda.

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If you're uncertain about something, feel free to ask. You must submit your icons by 11:59 PM, Friday the 28th. Good luck!
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round 2, week 5

This week's theme is friendships: Make an icon that displays the friendship between two or more characters. Doesn't have to be anything complex - it can just be an icon of two (friendly) characters standing next to each other. If you have any questions, just reply to this post. :D

Please have your icons submitted by 11:59 PM this Friday. Good luck!